Monday, October 28 – it was tough getting going to start the work week, and so I was a bit late to get into work. Still, I had time to grab another vial of propofol before heading down to take the shuttle over to Glenda’s lab for a rat propofol infusion experiment to kick off the morning. It went well, overall, and the animal emerged while in the EEG recording system in enough time for me to take the C-shuttle a bit ahead of my normal schedule. I walked back to the VA from Starvine, returning to the lab at about 11:35, just a few minutes before when I would have had I waited for the VA shuttle. Still, it was a nice day, and I enjoyed the walk.

After eating my lunch, I got to work on the poster, or at least tried to do so. I spent the better part of an hour and a half looking for useable pictures of fluorescence microscopy slides from Sarah’s stuff, before finally giving up and just working on pretty much everything else. I finished almost all of a templated draft of the poster, minus Sarah’s stuff, just in time to head out to meet Becky before going to the gym. When Becky arrived, she was not wearing this shirt:

Which is a shame, really.

After our standard 38-minute workout, we returned home to have some pizza casserole for dinner. We ate while watching a Breaking Magic, then another episode of Orangutan Diaries, the British-produced version of Orangutan Island I’d recorded onto the DVR. We put on Jeopardy! after that, then the new Adventure Time from that night. When that finished, we retired to bed early to read some and watch some Futurama before going to sleep. We still needed to recuperate some from the high-key weekend we’d just had.

Tuesday, October 29 – I awoke somewhat earlier than usual, but still got into work on time to grab a cup of coffee before I took the shuttle over to Woodruff. The first rat I tried with Glenda kicked out its catheter as I was giving the bolus, and so its experiment was aborted. We’d try it again the following day. The second one went much more smoothly. We got it hooked up to the EEG rig, and it would emerge in perfectly average time, but due to the delay from the misfired first experiment, I was unable to stay to watch the second rat wake up, and instead had to leave it with Glenda as I took the 11:25 shuttle back to the VA.

I read for a good while after having my lunch. While I did that, Becky was out in Lullwater, trying to teach spiders to spell out “RADIANT” and other adjectives:

That spider didn’t seem smart enough to handle the task.

After spending some time catching up on a growing backlog of my blog subscriptions, I left to meet Becky, then to head to the gym. At home, we had some more pizza casserole for dinner as we watched the Daily Show and Colbert, followed by @midnight, Jeopardy!, then a pair of episodes of the Big Bang Theory from Netflix. We were going to at least give the first season a fair try. When the second one ended, though, we elected to go to bed early again, to try to rest up for our big plans for the following evening.

Wednesday, October 30 – Giles had a minor Bad Dog Incident overnight, apparently for no reason other than to be terrible. It must not have been a big deal, though, since I can’t remember what he chewed up, nor did I take a dog-shaming shot of him.

With him gated off into his room for the day, I got into work as usual, then paid some bills as I had my morning coffee. I took the shuttle over to Emory after that, to get going on a second try at the failed rat from the previous day. This particular wee beastie seemed hellbent on ruining its experiment, though, and it managed to be, to date, the only one to successfully pop off its EEG headgear when in the new, canvas restrainer we’d been using. So, that was that. Since we had no more rats for the week, I spent some time helping Glenda to set up an isoflurane anesthesia loop. That was, you see, the rather inglorious end to my experiments with her for several months, as I’d have to do some of my own back at the VA, and she’d be pressing on with isoflurane instead of propofol, as it doesn’t require a second set of hands to administer.

I read for a while back at the lab after taking the 10:25 shuttle back to the VA, then I sat down in Paul’s office to meet with him and to discuss figures for the poster. I worked on the template for the poster after that, then I read for a bit more until it came time to meet Becky.

After a brief workout at the gym, we returned home to have some pineapple chicken fried rice for dinner. We ate while watching the Daily Show, Colbert, then @midnight. When the last of those ended, we headed out for the evening, at about 7:15, for a show upstairs in Heaven at the Masquerade. It was going to be a hell of an event:

See what I did there?

We arrived toward the end of the set of the opening act – A Band of Orcs. We worked our way toward the front during the second act – Iron Reagan. Believe it or not, they’re hardcore. The penultimate act, Whitechapel, really got the crowd moving. That’s what I love about metal shows: you’d think they’d save their energy for the headliner, but, nope, circle pit for one of the openers. Good stuff. Around then I caught an elbow to the forehead head myself, so I had my requisite battle scar for the night.

All of that was well and good, but there was one band that we came there to see:

Yep, straight out of Antarctica – or Virginia, depending on who you ask – it’s everyone’s favorite costumed comedic thrash metal band, GWAR:

Now, we were initially much closer than that. But, as the crowd swayed in a way that made me feel not to terribly safe, Becky bailed toward the back to get some photos:

Just as well, as we were quite soaked by that point with the fake blood/other fluids they spray on the audience at each show. That had the added bonus of making the floor slick, so I think she had the right idea. It gave her opportunities to take photos of the individual band members:

That’s lead singer Oderus Urungus. There’s long-time rhythm guitarist Balsac the Jaws of Death:

Of course, Jizmak Da Gusha on drums:

…and the new lead guitarist, Pustulus Maximus, replacing Flattus Maximus after the death of Corey Smoot:

Finally, it wouldn’t be GWAR without the falsetto-singing bassist, Beefcake the Mighty:

We would have loved to have stayed for the whole set, but we were pretty beat up, and not to mention soaked:

I wish I’d gotten a “before” shot, but I assure you, both of those shirts were white when we arrived. I’ve since used mine as a gym shirt, and some of the red paint still hasn’t come off. Because that’s how GWAR rolls.

We returned home just in time (like, literally, for the last pitch) for me to see the Sox win the World Series, then I took a shower that ranked among the Top 5 Most-Required Showers I’ve ever needed in my life. Red paint. Everywhere. Like crazy.

After I got as cleaned up as I could manage (my cuticles would be dyed red for a couple weeks to come), we put on a bit of Futurama to wind down, then we finally got to bed at around midnight. Wow, what a Halloween. Wait, what’s that? Halloween hadn’t even officially happened yet? Ah, crap.