Thursday, October 31 – following the late night full of comedy metal, I was reluctant to get up and going to work. But, get up I did, because I can’t get paid for sitting on my ass at home. Unfortunately. I got a cup of coffee when I got into the lab, then I spent much of the morning working on the poster. After lunch, I read for a good while to try to catch up on a growing backlog of blog posts, then I left at around 4 o’clock to meet Becky at Yerkes. When I arrived, I saw a bike parked outside dressed up like a dragon for Halloween:

I’m normally not a fan of hippies bedecking their bikes in all manner of dangerous items that might impede riding the bike, but that’s pretty neat.

Traffic on the way home was horrific, probably due to folks bailing out of work early so they could get home in time for the trick-or-treaters. We were still pretty shell-shocked from the onslaught of kids brought in by our neighbors having an unannounced party for which they blocked off the cul-de-sac at our previous house the year before, and so we felt it best to just get out for the evening. Plus, I can’t really understate how exhausted we were from the night before and, to a degree, the previous weekend. So, after giving Giles a walk, we put a bowl of candy out on the porch, then left at about 20 after 5. I stopped first to get us some gas, then drove us all the way down to the Tin Lizzy’s in Grant Park for dinner. This turned out to be an excellent choice, as, not only was it not too busy, but some of the waiters were dressed up like Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction. We had a good, relaxing meal, then we went out for a brief walk around the neighborhood:

It was a nice, temperate evening, and we had some time to kill, so we decided to cross Memorial and head over to Oakland Cemetery to see if we could pop in. In addition to, at some point, hosting a wedding, the cemetery also, apparently, had roses in bloom:

Unfortunately, as it was dusk, by the time we got there, the place was locked up tight for the night:

No weddings or roses or dead people for us.

I hopped on I-20 to take the highway route home, getting us back to the house at around 10 of 8. It was hard to tell how many kids had come by: though the bowl of candy was empty, there weren’t really many kids still wandering about. It’s possible that one, opportunistic kid just emptied it all into his own bag, but we suspect we got a relatively-decent number of trick-or-treaters. I hope so, because I don’t like being a Halloween Grinch, but the literal hundreds who came by our old house was just too much.

We put on Jeopardy! to wind down the night and give Giles some attention, then we retired to bed for the night, a bit on the early side. Though October was finally over with, we still had one work day left to go in the week.

Friday, November 1 – I got up on time and walked Giles through a passing rain squall, the result of which was a slowed pace in the traffic on North Druid Hills, causing us to get in a bit later than usual. A prospective Discovery Phase student was waiting outside the lab when I arrived, and so I spoke with him for a bit to hold him over until Paul arrived. With that taken care of, I read for a good deal as I finally had my morning coffee, then I checked on our rats, set the mortgage to be paid, and then ate my lunch.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon working on the poster, with Paul’s help. I finally got it finished at around 2 o’clock, then I sent it out to Diana. I weaned a cage of pups and adjusted our animal census after that, then I returned to the lab to burn a copy of the poster onto a DVD-R, as PowerPoint file of it I’d sent to Diana had bounced back due to being too large to be attached via email. She got it conveyed down to Medical Media, and so, finally, it was out of my hands. At that point it was a bit after 3 PM on a Friday and, to celebrate the completion of the poster, Paul and I bounced out of work and down to Ink and Elm. It was a bit hipstery-foodie for my tastes, but they made one hell of a bourbon cocktail that I thoroughly enjoyed. Right then, that’s all that mattered.

Meera came by to pick up Paul at about 4:30, and so I left from there to drive up Clifton to Yerkes, where I picked up Becky, en route to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.

When we returned home, we realized that it was November. This meant we had to what needed to be done:

Yep, after saying the sacred words (“Pooja, pooja, pooja, oi! Pooja, pooja, pooja, oi!”), we lit the pumpkins on fire in our fire pit, as the annual pseudo-Hindi sacrifice for good luck:

Our deck isn’t as high as the one at the old house, and plus, what with owning this one instead of renting it, we felt more compelled to not accidently burn down the house. So, the pumpkins just went up for a few minutes in the fire pit, then I doused the embers and threw the remains away. I hope that was still acceptable to the gods.

We put on some Dog Whisperer while we settled down for the evening, then we watched the Daily Show, Colbert, and @midnight from earlier, followed by that evening’s Jeopardy!. We powered through the final 3 episodes of the first season of Big Bang Theory after that. Eh, it’s not for us. The whole time I just felt like I was being laughed at, not laughing with the target audience. I’ve heard it called “nerd minstrelsy,” and that seems about right. We wouldn’t end up watching any more of it.

It did, however, carry us to the end of the evening, and so, with the DVD set to be mailed back to Netflix, we went on to bed. The coming weekend wouldn’t be as high-key as the previous one, but it would still be fun.